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Series: MEX Zurich – Marketing Experience Breakfast Series

Jahreskalender 2024

Join us monthly for an immersive Marketing Experience Breakfast. Dive into interactive sessions, insightful discussions, and networking opportunities, fueling your marketing journey with fresh ideas and industry connections. Elevate your mornings with a blend of knowledge, collaboration, and delicious breakfast bites – the perfect start for marketing enthusiasts and professionals alike.

Engage, connect, grow
Why this series?
Find likeminded people
Experience Customer References
Expand your network
Exchange with likeminded Experts
Grow your company
Expand Know-How on MarTech Solution
For whom is this event series
For marketing experts, IT wizards and digital strategists at medium to large-size B2C and B2B companies.

Please note that seats are limited. Register now and secure your space. We are looking forward to seeing you in person.
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  • Expand Know-How on Marketing Technology Solution
  • Exchange with likeminded Experts
  • Experience Customer References